What Is CrossFit?

CrossFit is an all-inclusive exercise program where athletes perform “constantly varied, functional movements at high intensity.”

In other words:  we do lots of different exercises, with different weights, use different time constraints, and we work as hard as we can every time!

What does this mean?

a.  We are always doing something different which keeps workouts fun and exciting!

b.  You will be good at lots of different things (not just long distance running or bench press).

c.  You will likely show much more progress than previous workout regimes.

What do the workouts consist of?  Group training incorporating weightlifting, gymnastics, and cardio movements, which we will teach in the Fundamentals Course.

But I don’t think I’m ready for CrossFit!  Our workouts can be modified for ANYONE, regardless of your current fitness level!  Our gym has a wide variety of members, and we love to work with all different fitness levels!  That’s what keeps our job fun and exciting.

But I’ve seen crazy fit people doing crazy things on TV!   The CrossFit Games, which has been televised a lot recently, is comparable to the NBA or NFL.  The athletes at The Games are the top athletes in the sport!  They are professional CrossFit athletes.  No, you most likely will not be doing what they are doing (in terms of weights used and how quickly they do it); Yes, we will do most of the same movements in our classes.

But I’ve never used a barbell before!   That’s okay!  We have many members who started with no athletic background, including no experience with barbells and they end up loving CrossFit (and barbells!).

If you really want to know what CrossFit is about, join us for our Free Community Workout at 9am on Saturday!